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Want to travel but live paycheck to paycheck ? It’s possible !

1. Increase Income

⁃ Get more hours at current job

⁃ Get a better paying job

⁃ Start a part-time job

⁃ Start a small business

⁃ Do odd jobs

I remember working two jobs and barely making ends meet but I found a new job making more money. I also still kept my part time job because of the flexibility and only went if I needed extra. I also started a small business.

2. Saveeeeeee !

⁃ Start small

⁃ Set a realistic goal

⁃ Save automatically every paycheck

– Stop unnecessary spending

I started putting money towards my savings every paycheck and any extra money from my part time job and business was saved automatically. Digit helped me save hundreds ! It was easy to set up and I barely noticed the money missing. I usually don’t go out or spend extra money before a trip saving all my little coins !

3. Plan Early & Within Budget

⁃ Look for flights / hotels months in advance

⁃ Look for excursions that include food

– Set a realistic budget

Usually I plan my trips months in advance , with just the general idea of where and when I want to go. From there I pretty much stalk Google Flights , Skyscanner , and Hopper looking for a great flight deal. I read reviews on hotels and Airbnb’s before I figure out where to stay. Once the main part is pretty much done , I look for activities within range. Before all of this , I set a realistic budget. Not every trip has to cost an arm and leg , but maybe just a thigh πŸ˜‚

Hopefully these tips help you save for your next adventure!

If you have any tips for me , let me know! Let’s help each other !

After you saved your money & planned your trip , what’s next ?

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