Back To Life , Reality , & Travel

Are you ready to get back to travel ? Are you still hesitant ? Either way , there are common questions that I have , have seen in the past few months , or were asked about . I will try to answer as best as I can . Be mindful that information changes often.

With the worst of the pandemic practically over , life is slowly turning back to normal or our new normal so to speak.

If you’re not sure about traveling during a pandemic , that’s perfectly normal but please don’t travel shame people who want to.

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Let’s break down some common questions :


What countries need testing ?

The best way to answer this question is to go on the CDC website. CDC updates frequently on what country needs testing and other entry requirements. Be sure to check whether or not you need testing when entering or returning home.

Other places to check out are the specific state or country website . Also check out this website .

How much for testing ?

Although some places offer testing for free , most countries don’t have the resources to allow free testing . It’s recommended to research how much the testing will be and add it to your travel budget . Some places are affordable for about $30-50 and other places are more expensive.

What if I tested positive ?

If you are tested positive , make sure you have enough funds to cover quarantine. If you want to avoid paying out of pocket , research what the procedures are if you are tested positive . Some hotels offer free quarantine stay and some medical centers .

What if I don’t get the results on time ?

Always do your research ! Call the center and ask for the result turnaround time . Be sure to line it up with your flight itinerary.

What type of test do I need ?

There are several different type of tests . Be sure to check what is acceptable. Also , make sure you are taking the right test .

Where can I find testing ?

Airports , hotels , hospitals, and medical centers are the best places to find proper testing . ⁣

With each option , check price , result turnaround, and the type of test. Also don’t just trust the website , be sure to call to confirm information. ⁣

Even if you are vaxxed , some places still require testing . Also check CDC regularly for all updated information.⁣

When do I have to take the test ?

I would go to CDC to check the requirements once again . However , the standard is three days before a flight . When taking the test , I will expect long waiting times so don’t plan too much on that day.

Do children need to get tested?

Children who are two years or older must be tested.


Do I need to take the vaccine ?

Some countries do require a vaccine . However , if you are not comfortable taking it , do not travel to those countries. Unless it is mandatory to take it where you want to go , no you do not need to take the vaccine .

Is there a vaccine passport ?

No not at the moment , however some countries do require proof of vaccine for entry .

I took the vaccine , do I still need testing ?

If you received the vaccine , some countries still require testing .


Do I need health insurance ?

You should always have insurance even when traveling . I would research if you need to have insurance for testing .

Do some places offer health insurance ?

I know some places have mandatory insurance for an affordable price . I would definitely ask what is covered .

What’s the difference between travel and health insurance?

Travel insurance covers travel related issues and maybe some medical related issues. Health insurance covers medical related issues.


How do I find out if a place has a curfew ?

Always check the website of the place you are going to. Also check CDC for the most frequent updates.

How strict is the curfew ?

Some places vary . I know most businesses will start to shut down and comply with curfew regulations. There are some who stay open a little after curfew. I would ask the locals . I know some places issue a fine for breaking curfew. I would just stay respectful for the rules.


What happened to the low fare prices ?

As traveling is becoming more frequent, flight prices have increased . Try Skyscanner , Hopper , or Google Flights to track flights. Also , check flights with your phone in “incognito mode” to get the best flight deals.

Are airlines still blocking the middle seat ?

Some airlines are still blocking the middle seat and some are not . Check the airline websites for the latest updates.

Where can I fly to ?

The list changes frequently. Check CDC for most updated information. Be aware that a country can close its borders at any given time.

Extra Precautions

I’m not sure about traveling yet , how can I be extra safe ?

Whether you’re tested or taken the vaccine , it’s always good to take extra precautions to protect yourself from others.

Here’s a few ways to stay extra safe :

1. Wear a mask ! ⁣

Wear your masks properly over your nose and mouth ! Masks lower the risk of transmission between you and another person. ⁣

2. Wash hands and use hand sanitizer .

Did you know hand washing is the most effective way to prevent the spread of germs ? ⁣

If soap and water are not readily available, you can use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. ⁣wash and sanitize as much as possible.

3. Use disinfecting wipes and sprays. ⁣

Make sure to wipe down / spray surfaces . You can never be too safe . ⁣

4. Social distance ⁣as best as you can .

Try and maintain a safe distance from a large group of people. ⁣

5. Get tested even if not required.

Testing is the easiest way to detect if you are positive or negative. Test to double check even if you have no symptoms.

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Road Trips , Staycations , & More

I’m not comfortable flying yet , what do you suggest ?

If you’re still not comfortable flying , a road trip is a great way to explore. You can go as far as you want or go a short distance. You can even take a bus or train trip or even go camping ! I also recommend a staycation or exploring your own backyard.

What is a staycation?

A staycation is a vacation with the intention of you getting away but not going nowhere at all. You can book a nearby hotel & explore a bit or just rest . You can even do a staycation right in your own home .

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