Mom : Who are you going with ?

Me : Myself

Mom : You might be killed.

Me : I rather be killed on an island

Even though I grew up in a big family , I was always independent and did mostly everything by myself.

So it’s no surprise that I don’t mind traveling by myself !

Now when I plan my trips I don’t even consider other people !

I just book the flight and go !

How To Start Solo Travel

Here’s three steps you can take to start traveling solo :

1.Work your way up to it , start small ! ⁣Try a movie or a lunch date by yourself! ⁣

2.Try a weekend getaway close to home! ⁣

3.When you’re ready , book your flight to your dream destination .

Why Solo Travel ?

1. Freedom

You can do what you want at your own pace. You can choose the hotel , the restaurants, the activities, everything ! You can ditch your itinerary and just hang out at the hotel . There’s nobody judging you . You can change your name and pretend to be whoever you want . Be your own boss !

2. Pocket Watchers

I strongly dislike people who are constantly watching how much you’re spending or how little you’re spending. If you want to be cheap / sensible , there’s nobody around to peer pressure you into spending more money . If you want to splurge , you can and just lie about the price when you’re home .

3. Easy Planning

It’s so much easier to plan for yourself . You don’t have to communicate with anyone. You don’t have to be stressed out waiting for someone to pay their half. You don’t have to “settle” for a hotel / Airbnb you didn’t want to stay at in the first place . You don’t have to please everyone’s multiple personalities .

4. Discover Yourself

You never know your own strength / weakness unless you’re in certain situations. I believe being by yourself in a new place will teach you lessons you just can’t learn in your comfortable home.

Solo Travel Tips

1. Awareness

Look around ! You have two eyes , use them ! Make sure you’re not being followed. Move away from suspicious people. Don’t go towards any signs of danger .

2. Morning Person

If you can , do your activities in the morning / early afternoon . Be back at your hotel before it gets dark . If you do go out at night , carry pepper-spray or a knife , don’t go too far , and have transportation.

3. Portable Chargers

Always have your phone charged for emergencies. Remember to charge the chargers overnight . These chargers are usually lightweight and easy to fit in any bag . These can also be used as a weapon , you can throw it at a person trying to attack you or use it to hit . Click to purchase – Here

4. NEVER Alone

If anyone asks , say you’re waiting for a friend or your friend is in the bathroom . Make a pretend phone call and move away from the person if the person is watching you. Look for exits as soon as you can. Pretend you’re a spy and you have to make a quick escape.

5. Limits

Try to minimize your intake of alcohol and drugs. You don’t want to get drunk or high by yourself , you’ll cause more danger to yourself. You can have fun sober !

6. Protection

Bring a weapon of your choice if you can . Find a shop and buy inexpensive pepper spray or knife. You can also buy a door alarm or door lock. Also , stay in contact with someone at home and tell them important information- hotel location , flight details, etc.

7. Documents

Take photos and make copies of your documents just in case. Email the copies to yourself . You can access on phone or computer.

8. Tourist

Blend in as much as you can , don’t look too flashy . You don’t want to attract thieves . Take pictures at your hotel and then leave valuables there . Also don’t look lost , find someone trustworthy and ask for directions .Put away your phone , try and remember directions for a few minutes and then take out your phone to look again.

9. Hotel vs Airbnb

Staying in a hotel is my preference , although I stayed in an Airbnb by myself . I feel safer knowing there’s a front desk attendant , staff walking around , security , etc .

10. Research

Research where you want to go and if it’s safe . Check the crime rates . Stay in the safer neighborhoods. Ask someone who has already went and read about others experience.

11. Social Media

I know it’s hard but try and post your location when you’re back home . If you want to post don’t use location . You never know who is watching. If meeting someone you met online , meet in a public place .

12. Manners

Be nice but not too nice . Please remember you are in someone’s home ! No need to be rude and nasty . People can help you out with secret deals , hidden gems , and more . You never how your interaction with one person can change their day.

If you’re still not sure about traveling during a pandemic, read my thoughts HERE !

Share some solo travel tips in the comments .

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Please note this is my honest opinion based on my own travels . Everyone has their own experience.

54 thoughts on “SOLO TRAVEL 101

  1. I love both, solo travelling and with my partner! There is just something nice in these points you said, especially not having to compromise and do 100% just what you want and when you want. My favourite point is to try and look less as a tourist. I think this is very important, just walk and look like you are a local rushing somewhere. I never had problems but it is important to keep yourself safe. Everybody considering to travel alone should read this post!

  2. By traveling solo we learn more about ourselves. Also I like that it is smooth, just go as you pleased. And yes totally agree with you not to post on social media your current location and always safety first!

  3. Wow I’ve always considered doing this but have been hesitant as a woman going alone but you bring up very valid points. Thanks for writing this!

  4. I am about to move country alone in January and I can use nearly all of these tips too! Honest I find myself traveling alone a lot mainly due to my lack of adventures friends, I am always scared but never want to miss out! Thanks for the blog great work

  5. So many good tips here! I really wish I would have done some solo traveling in my twenties when I was single not married or a momma but ya girl was a scaredy-cat!!!

  6. I loved your tips. I actually subconsciously started traveling alone right before my 2nd daughter was born. My husband and I were supposed to do the baby moon, but he couldn’t get off work. So, I said I’ll go alone. I’m thankful for a supportive husband. Because I thought he would be bent out of shape for leaving him behind and being VERY pregnant at that traveling alone. I did have a cousin that stayed in the state. But, ever since then… I have incorporated Solo Trips into my life. I now travel solo once a year. It’s so amazing.

  7. I have always been obsessed with traveling by myself! These are some amazing tips that I will definitely take into account!

  8. Love your post! Solo travel is the best experience in life. I can´t wait to travel again and to feel that “freedom” again. Solo travel helped me to become more self confident and independent. I can only advise everyone to travel alone at least once in life and to make that experience!

  9. I used to solo travel a lot more than I do now, and I really miss it. I like the fact that it is an opportunity to discover oneself. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Great tips! I agree about staying in hotels alone rather than renting an Airbnb. I also never post on social media until I get home whether I’m traveling solo or not; gotta keep up the mystery! 😉

  11. I love this!! I haven’t gotten the courage up to travel alone yet because of the possibility of ending up missing. But I think you just motivated me to go because going with a large group limits what I want to do! Thank you for this!!

    1. You’re welcome. I’ve traveled to several places alone and came back safe and without a scratch . Don’t look too touristy and you’ll be fine. You can also join Facebook groups to meet up with other solo travelers.

  12. Portable chargers and making sure people know where you are is so important. Helpful tips to keep in mind!

  13. These are excellent tips to help would be solotravelers succeed. I especially love that you mention abstaining from posting your location until you’re back home for safety purposes.

  14. Great post. I probably wouldn’t carry a weapon (mostly because that would actually make me feel less safe…) but I agree with the other tips.

    I guess my main tip is being open to make friends with new people if you like them. I found some really good long term friends that I met by chance when travelling solo.

  15. Amazing post! I’m still afraid of doing my first solo travel but I’m hoping to be able to do so in the coming year when we’ll start traveling again. There’re so many benefits to it! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  16. YESSS!! That point about pocket watchers – CHILLEEEE see that’s why I can’t just travel with anyone if our wallet spending doesn’t align. It’s so much easier just to go solo sometimes!

  17. This is an excellent post. Traveling alone really is one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself, and I love these tips! Thanks for sharing; I’m going to pin this for others to see!

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