There’s no right or wrong answer. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Although I want to travel , I’m still a bit anxious.

One Side Is Saying Yes

Right now , the flight deals are unbelievable. Who wouldn’t want to go to Hawaii or Mexico for 30-50% off. Some hotels are offering discounts to attract tourists. There are less crowds at certain areas allowing you more time to explore.

One Side Is Saying No

It’s still a pandemic going on with a virus that is easy to contact. Although there are certain precautions taking place , it is still a bit nerve – wrecking. Now if you do travel , be prepared that most tourist attractions are closed or come with limitations. I don’t know about you but I want a full cultural experience. Also , one of my worst fears is getting stuck or having to be quarantined at an unfamiliar place.

Ways To Still Travel


This is the perfect time to explore where you live , go places you rarely frequent , find hidden gems , stay at a hotel , eat at different restaurants, anything you want to do that’s available and safe.

Domestic Travel

I know we all rather be on an island but some states have really good attractions. This is a good option if you don’t have a passport and still want a cultural experience.

Road Trips

Hit the road Jack ! Have a car ? Rent a car or RV . You can go as far as you would like or the roads allow you to.

Ways To Prepare For Travel

1. Save – Start saving money with Digit , open a savings account , start budgeting , etc.

2. Suitcase Shopping – Perfect time to shop for a new suitcase if needed.

3. Passport – If you don’t have one , now is the time to get one!

4. Travel Itinerary – I love researching and planning trips and it’s fun to me to create an itinerary.

Please Note….

If you’re brave enough to travel during these times , please be mindful of your surroundings , look up guidelines and restrictions before you go and get tested .

How do you feel about traveling ?

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  1. I also have a similar blog post about this. Now that the borders are open, some are starting to travel for holidays. Yet most of us are still waiting till it is safe or if we are ready? COVID19 will be around for some time, aside from roadtrips, I may be flying out early next year. As long as protocols are in place and hopefully cases are managed, it should be alright. Well, hopefully….

  2. Definitely not doing any international air travel for quite some time. We are taking camping holidays and enjoying our parks near our home this season. A great alternative and able to keep social distancing as well. 🙂

  3. I just returned from a quick trip to AZ from FL. At the last minute I joined a friend. I’m open to travel but like you said I still want a full experience so I’m biding my time with other destinations.

  4. Yes! You can travel, but you also must be careful and make sure you are taking into consideration the germs you are taking TO a new location, not just the germ you may get at your destination.

  5. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts. It’s been challenging to start traveling again. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Really enjoyed reading your perspectives on this topic. Everyone’s decision or not to travel right now is a person decision, but you provide some great things to think about. For those not traveling, like me 😢, I love the staycation suggestion.

  7. Such a good read! We have thought about this so much lately! We had to keep planning trips and having a cancel or not booking because of the state of the world. Thank you so much for sharing!

  8. I decided to stay home till the end of the year as most of the world is still closed. Even if you can fly somewhere, there is so much precautions with flights and hotels and then half of the attractions can still be closed… Doesn’t seem like fun to me!

  9. Thanks for sharing this and yes, it’s hard to decide whether to go or not! I had to travel (not for leisure) and found it to be a very unusual time. It was a surreal experience, but your recommendation on being aware of surroundings and regulations is spot on!

  10. Haha! Love this – and the memes. It’s a difficult one – I wish we could just teleport. I for one do not feel comfortably travelling at this time – which is a good reason for me to explore what’s local.

  11. This is a hard one, but I have been staying home. I am getting to the point where I am thinking about venturing abroad to a country that will let us in. i have been doing alot of visiting places in my state for the meantime.

  12. I agree, I am definitely not interested in traveling during a pandemic when it is not healthy to do so and will greatly limit what you can do on your destination. I also enjoy planning itineraries, so that will have to be my travel enjoyment for now. I enjoyed your article and your tips!

  13. Enjoyed reading your thoughts on traveling during the pandemic. I think it’s a great way to put money back into our US travel and hospitality businesses that are struggling right now. I can’t stop traveling!

    1. I love that positive thought . It’s an amazing way to put back money into the business . There are so many people without jobs or less hours in the travel industry and every little bit helps .

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