Quarantine Thoughts Part Two

The New Normal Or Nah ?

If you didn’t read part one , you can check it out HERE !

So we left off with me having anxiety attacks , on unemployment , and just trying to stay in the house .

BUT as the months went by , I got tired of the same ole routine. So with a little nudge , I stepped out.

Fete’n During The Pandemic



Listen , I was a real good girl . I saw the party flyers on my Instagram and I stayed put. I was home since about April . I didn’t go to my first fete til July 18.

It was time for me to dance this Quarantine 15 off.

You can’t really social distance in a fete but I definitely kept my mask on most times and had my hand sanitizer on me .

I only went to selected events . At some of these events , there were temperature checks and masks given out.

I didn’t realize there were so many backyards in Brooklyn and Queens.


Some events had concrete or fake grass . But the others , whew chile . After a few drinks , I didn’t mind the dirt but my sneakers or sandals looked like my momma nah love me lol.

The fetes with the decor take win ! It made me feel like I was somewhere other than a backyard . Shoutouts to the colored tables , banners , cabanas , backdrops , props , and more.

I feel like if you’re going to charge me money , make me feel like my money going towards quality things .

I can’t stand the porter potty but it was the only option in these backyards . At least have the sink thingamajig outside so I can wash my hands properly. Luckily I had hand sanitizer and wipes in my bag.

After every event , I drank two cups of lemon ginger tea .

I love parties that have good food. Forget the liquor , just give me food.

It felt good to get back to something normal . But I was still cautious .

A Getaway Is Needed

A getaway to Atlantic City wasn’t enough so I decided to go to Cancún , Mexico. I loved it and you can read all about it HERE ! I also went to Puerto Rico .

I recommend a getaway for everyone. When you’re overwhelmed by social media , the news , and changes , it’s good to get a chance to refresh.

Check on your mental status .

Check what’s open and allowing tourists to come in .

Check out my blog post on how you can have a safe & responsible pandemic•ation HERE !

I think I satisfied my travel bug for now . I visited two new places and I think that’s enough . I’m considering a staycation in the city . I also want to focus on my solo birthday trip in February.

Starting A Business

I decided to start my travel apparel business , Smoovee Travel.

I had this idea for about 2 years or so and I just decided to start it now or forever hold my peace.

My line will be filled with apparel , accessories, and more.

I can’t wait to see how it grows and how well I can be an entrepreneur.

I’m thinking about adding to my upcoming YouTube the process along with traveling and daily life.

Black Lives Matter

Growing up as an African American woman , I’ve seen and experienced racism all my life. When all the wrongful deaths happened and protesting began , it became overwhelming and an eye – opener to many .

There’s so much to say on this particular topic however I feel like I need to write a more detailed post .

Election During A Pandemic

I voted . That’s it and that’s all .


I get tested once a month , it’s free and doesn’t take too much time.

Going Back To Work

I honestly don’t want to but I will if if I need to . I feel like I would be more exposed if I worked . I’m thinking of at home job or back to warehouse work .

Final Thoughts

We all handle situations differently . Some days I just really think and wonder how the world has changed in just a few months.

Tell me how you’re feeling or drop a fun meme in my Instagram DMs.

31 thoughts on “Quarantine Thoughts Part Two

  1. Thanks for sharing you experience of the pandemic. I think it is always reassuring to read about other people’s experiences to remember we’re not facing this alone! What a great opportunity to start your business though! I hope it’s going really well!

  2. Coronavirus has been a rollercoaster year for sure! Congratulations on taking charge and doing your own thing despite the pandemic!

  3. I finally had to go to an outdoor music event in Late September. It was cold and dancing on asphalt isn’t great, but I did it… and Id home since. Coronacoaster! LOL

  4. The pandemic looking from Canada pov
    Hot ass mess. The election was interesting and im happy that tomato is going to be gone!
    Im curious on the two types of vaccine thatsvout but I hope this helps humanity.

  5. love seeing others staying healthy during quarantine. Congratulations on your newest business adventure and i wish you the best

  6. Congrats on starting up your new business and getting back out in the world. Thanks for staying safe while you did it. I had to skip my vacation this summer since there were too many covid cases in Ocean City at the time. But I got my blog launched so that has given me something positive to focus on.

  7. Good luck with your business venture! This year has definitely been a coronacoaster for me full of ups and downs. It’s been a tough year but I have done some things this year that I’m not sure I would have done otherwise like start my blog 🙂

  8. Congratulations on your new business! Surely you are excited! As for me, honestly, this pandemic made me follow my dreams – I started freelancing, blogging, and realized that I don’t need SOME people to be happy.

  9. I’d love to have a getaway like yours! Can’t wait for this year to be over.
    Good luck with the travel apparel business. 🌹

  10. Can you believe i did a get away too. Infact two. One with family, and the other on our first anniversary. This covid pandemic is taking. A troll on everyone and i think a break is what everyone needs 🙂

  11. Gosh such an insane year I can’t believe everything that has gone on. 2020 is a year of shitstorms for sure

  12. I really hope that all of us are doing the best we can. It’s what I keep telling myself. We are in survival mode at this point but the light is there. I can see it.

  13. Sounds like you are trying to make the best of the situation, which is good! I miss interacting with people, but it’s harder with kids around. 🙂

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