The Beginning

CORONAVIRUS, PANDEMIC , & QUARANTINE are the three words I never thought would define my 2020.

2020 was going to be a big year for me . I was planning on traveling to 4 or 5 countries . I was going back to school . I was planning on changing my job. I was going to launch my travel blog . Well at least I did one thing . Thanks for reading by the way. Anyways …..

So how did I end up unemployed and stuck in the house for months ?


The educational term is COVID-19 , corona virus.

The only corona I knew was the beer 😂

You can read all about it here !

From The Start

I remember going to work as usual then all of a sudden I was being kicked out of the nursing home .

I was scheduled to work there because of my patient but I wasn’t part of the staff.

So I called my manager and asked to be reassigned .

After several attempts , getting the runaround and my hours being abundantly cut , I was forced to sign up for unemployment.

This was before the extra $600 which was a nice incentive .

I knew I couldn’t survive for long on my savings .

I haven’t been out of a job since my teenage years so being home was new .

I’m used to working , going out , and traveling .

So to have it come to a halt was overwhelming.

Now I don’t want to sound like a spoiled brat .

This is just how my normal turned to a distant memory.


I’ve never seen NY on lockdown like this and I honestly didn’t think I ever would .

I have to say being in the house wasn’t too bad .

The rules were to stay in the house and if you’re outside , wear a mask and socially distance 6ft apart, and people were arguing, fighting , and being disrespectful over simple rules .

Maybe these people feel like they’re invincible or immortal .

I was okay for a while , just visiting my family . I’m also an introvert so I didn’t mind being alone and in my space . But I did miss my friends but I didn’t want to risk anything .

I started having anxiety attacks because the numbers were rising , the risks were too high , and the media was just too much.

I enjoyed giving myself time to relax.

I started my room makeover creating a space where I feel at home .

I took time to be off of social media and work on other things.

I only went outside for the supermarket , laundromat, DOLLAR TREE , and other essential places that were open.

So sorry to my friends but not sorry because my health comes first.

Anyways , I was surprised but not really seeing people not take the virus seriously.

More Thoughts Soon ….

How did you feel in the beginning ?

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  1. The graphic with the ankle bracelet is spot on and speaks volumes, slippers and all. I’m pleased you hunkered down and stayed safe. It must have been scary in the USA, and NYC, in 2020. Here it is, May 2, 2021 and while the situation has improved in some countries, it’s dismal in others. Thank you for injecting your personal experience. An interesting read.

  2. Loved reading your Covid experience. I guess we’ll all have stories for our future generation! This year has been surreal, I mean I can literally feel the world changing and I hope the future is more kind. Stay safe.

  3. I’ve enjoyed spending time at home and doing some relaxing things. I think this pandemic is a learning experience for us all.

  4. At first, it was like: Oh, how is this going to go? But after months of it, not bad at all since what I did before was stay home anyway and work on my book.

  5. At the beginning I also was really anxious because I was far from my family, and I was really scared of getting the virus or for any other bad thing to happen. So I literally had to stop listening to the news and limit social media and spent a lot of time doing self care😊

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your take on this whole pandemic thing! I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and its like a good third of the public just dont ‘get it’! Thanks for sharing.

  7. I was kinda sad when everything happened too because I was meant to travel out the country. But I’m happy for the moment to be still and relax.

  8. The country shut down right i after I gave birth to my youngest, so I was more focused on him than what was happening outside. I remember just being relieved because I knew my husband would get to extend his paternity leave since he was going to be teleworking. And then we had to take my baby to the emergency room because his breathing was super fast and shallow (he turned out the be fine, thank God) and that experience was an eye opener for me. I had to wear a mask and they took my temp and asked me a bunch of questions before letting us in. Everyone stood as far away from us as possible. It freaked me all the way out. I think that was the point that it all became real for us.

  9. The rona took us all out!! I guess you never really see how it affects others until now! Thanks for being honest and letting us into your life!

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