KayyDayy Staycation

Have you ever heard of a staycation?

A staycation is a vacation with the intention of you getting away but not going nowhere at all.

For my KayyDayy , I’ve done brunches , dinners , parties , shows , trips , and more . ⁣⁣This year , I wanted to do a staycation.

Everyone has their own definitions and idea of what a staycation is .

My idea of a staycation was simply booking a nearby hotel and doing what I wanted.

Whether that’s to turn up the music and dance , read a good book , or cry , that’s my idea.

I honestly just wanted to light some candles , play some R&B music and take a bubble bath.


Choosing A Hotel

Planning a staycation is so much easier and more affordable.

I knew I wanted a hotel with a bathtub . This was my number one priority besides cleanliness of course.

I wanted to spend less than $300 on the hotel.

I looked around for a few weeks , reading reviews and narrowing down my list.

I finally chose Millennium Premier Times Square.

I used to reserve a room for only $233 ! The price included free breakfast.

Be sure to sign up on to get free room upgrades , discounts, and more.

I only needed two nights for my staycation but you can choose how many nights you need .

I opted for the executive queen room but they have smaller rooms .

Day One

It was kind of weird not getting ready to go to the airport. I usually can’t sleep the night before and I’m anxious that I’m forgetting something.

However , I slept like a baby . It started as a normal morning . I was already packed up and check in time wasn’t until four.

I ran a few errands and just chilled until it was time to go.

Then around 3 , I left my house . As I was dragging my suitcase to the train station , I realized I forgot my speaker but I didn’t turn back .

About a 45 minute ride later and I was at the hotel .

Check in process took less than 10 minutes and a short elevator ride up , I was in my room .

With a quick disinfecting of the room and a quick change , I was out of the door.

Indoor dining just reopened in New York so I decided to go to Bubba Gump . Table for one please . It was a 30 min wait so I decided to walk around . I chose to have a cartoon portrait of myself drawn and just sightsee. I haven’t been to Times Square in a year or so , so I really felt like a tourist.

After 30 minutes or so , I headed to Bubba Gump. It was almost empty . I loved the decor . It’s based off the movie “Forest Gump” . Honestly, I haven’t watched the full movie , I only caught the ending .

I haven’t dined alone in a while but I didn’t feel weird or anything . The waiters paid extra attention to me. I wanted to do an advice video on dining alone but it was a bit loud.

However , dining alone is how I accustomed myself to traveling alone . More tips on solo travel in the blog post HERE .

Day Two


Waking up in a hotel made the day even more special .

I went downstairs for the free breakfast but barely ate it .

The breakfast was to – go bags consisting of apple , yogurt , granola bar , cereal , and juice . I went outside for some real food.

I dressed in my birthday outfit . I decided on a red two piece and a red fur-lined robe with my crown to match.

I had a photoshoot pretty much all day long .

I actually don’t like drinking on my actual birthday , I try my best to avoid it. So I didn’t have any liquor besides the drink I had at Bubba Gump.

I was in complete peace this year . There was no overwhelming myself with plans , no disappointments of people flopping , no negativity, and no weird vibes.

I encourage everyone to have a self love birthday .

People often confuse lonely and alone . Just because you’re alone , don’t mean you’re lonely. Also just because you’re lonely , don’t mean you’re alone.

Being alone just means you can choose how you spend your time without any commentary from others about your choices.

Your joy might look a little different than others and that’s okay but don’t let nobody take your joy away.

Even if you’ve lived somewhere forever and think you’ve done everything , I bet you haven’t. There’s so much of New York I still haven’t explored and I’m going to explore it little by little.

Price Breakdown

Hotel – $233

* Please be aware of refundable $150+ security deposit .

Food / Drinks – $60

Train – $5.50

Cartoon Portrait – $20

Tip – $10

* I was treated to dinner by my friend , he sent me money so I saved some .

Total : $328.50

Hotel Review

Overall , I rate the Millennium Premier an 8/10. Let’s start with the cons. It was good for a quick stay however it was cold . I kept turning up the thermostat but it didn’t seem to help for too long . I know we are in a panoramic but I would prefer maybe bagels or something more solid for breakfast . It was a little confusion to the hotel location because their sister hotel is right next door. However , there is a corridor that connects the two if you enter the wrong one. I knew there was a security deposit but wanted to pay cash , however I was informed it would be more.

Now time for what I liked . The check in was less than 10 minutes . There was enough space for two people . The room was clean and neat and everything had its place . The key card accessed the elevator which is a good safety precaution. There was also an extra door lock / blocker that helped me sleep a lot better at night . There’s two bottles of water for free in the room. I put my do not disturb sign on the door but I could hear cleaning staff in the morning . It was only a block up from Times Square . I receive my security deposit back in two days .

Smoovee Tips

1. If you don’t need any cleaning , put the “do not disturb” sign on your door.

2. Budget out how much you’ll need . You’ll probably only need money for food , shopping , or any small outings.

3. Don’t think about work , school , your family , anything stressful , this is your time to fully relax.

4. Do you , do what you truly enjoy .

5. Feel free to put your phone on do not disturb.

Check out my YouTube !

I started a YouTube for the new year . I have my staycation vlog up now . Check it out !

Have you ever had a staycation ?

39 thoughts on “KayyDayy Staycation

  1. It sounds like you had a lot of fun! Going to a local hotel is a great choice for a staycation! When I try doing a staycation at home I just end up doing chores, and then I’m mad at myself for doing them!

  2. What an awesome way to spend your birthday! We love the idea of a Staycation and NYC is a great place for it! I feel like right now with COVID, this is the ideal time to avoid international travel and instead explore your own town through staycations.

  3. I love staycations! I am so glad you got to make such amazing memories on your birthday. This honestly made me consider a staycation for my own birthday in March! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. I love the idea! Staycations sound like a great way to do something different especially with the way the world is right now. Thanks for sharing such a great idea!

  5. Happy Belated Birthday!!! Looks like an absolute amazing way to celebrate and treat yourself!!! We can all use a little bit of a getaway during these crazy times!! I love that you got dressed up and did something for yourself! We all deserve to celebrate once in a while! Cheers Girlfriend!!

  6. You look like an absolute queen! I want to do something like this for my birthday but so far never feel like I deserve to spend so much money on myself, so I haven’t. I can see though that a staycation is the ultimate form of self love and indulgence your birthday looks so fun

  7. I’ve always wanted to do a staycation, but haven’t had the chance to do one yet. I love how you splurged on yourself and had some much needed me-time. Thanks for the inspiration to incorporate self-care!

  8. Staycations are a great way to feel the luxury of travel near home! I love to go to neighboring cities and do it as well. I think we all to often overlook the amazing places we already live! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Awww, it looks like you had a great time on your Staycation + Bday! I’ve never tried a staycation before, but I’d definitely like to try. I’m def an advocate for being a tourist in your hometown for a day or two though… It’s so much fun!

  10. I LOVE this idea. I now want to take a staycation in my city when the hotels are open again and just relax! I love your tips too, especially 4 and 5. Do what you enjoy and have your phone off. That’s true relaxation!

  11. Hey, happy KayDay! I just had a staycation too with my partner, and it was also at a Millennium hotel but in Kuala Lumpur. Congrats on your new YouTube channel. 🙂

  12. I love that you had a staycation for your birthday, staycations are so much fun. And it’s always good to spend some time with yourself. I love that you did all the touristy stuff too, how fun. I’ve been to Bubba Gump before and actually really like it as I really love the film. I need a staycation soon!

  13. This sounds amazing! What a fun and relaxing day to spend your birthday. I love how you made it special yourself!

  14. Looks like a perfect way to celebrate birthday! When we ain’t able to travel abroad, staycation is the best way to feel that travel spirits!! I have had two staycations last year and I am planning on my third soon!! Have done many Solo travels but not solo staycations yet! You gave me some amazing idea to plan in future 🙂

  15. I love that you treated yourself to a mini vacay without truly leaving home. This is especially perfect during the pandemic. It’s refreshing to act like a tourist in NYC. I realized I hadn’t been to Time Square in like a year until I took my visiting cousins to sightsee. Glad you enjoyed yourself!

  16. What an amazing birthday staycation! It sounds like such a relaxing experience, just doing what you want, when you want! Whenever I travel I’m, always making sure everyone is in the right place at the right time…nowhere near as relaxing as your break! I’d never thought about treating myself to a solo staycation for my birthday but it sounds so luxurious! Thanks for the inspiration!

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