How To Start Traveling : Part One

Want to travel but live paycheck to paycheck ? It’s possible !

There are three simple ways to start traveling

1. Increase Income

2. Save

3. Plan Early & Within Budget

Increase Income

1. Get more hours at current job

Look for overtime hours if possible . If asked to stay late , do it if you can . If you can , try to get a promotion or raise. You never know until you ask.

2. Get a better paying job

If your job is not paying enough , look for something else . Try

3. Start a part-time job

Part-time jobs are good for extra cash for the moment .

4. Start a small business

Do you have any talents , use them !

5. Do odd jobs

Check out apps like Fiver or Shiftgig for odd jobs.

I remember working two jobs and barely making ends meet but I found a new job making more money. I also still kept my part time job because of the flexibility and only went if I needed extra. I also started a small business.


1. Start small.

Try saving $5 a week then work your way up to $20 a week and then so on.

2. Set a realistic goal.

Do not say “I’m going to save $10,000” instead say “I’m going to save $100 a month.”

3. Save automatically every paycheck

Set your checking account to save money every time you get paid.

4. Stop unnecessary spending

You can skip nights out , movies , getting your hair and nails done , etc . You can even cut out some subscriptions and memberships.

I started putting money towards my savings every paycheck and any extra money from my part time job and business was saved automatically. Digit helped me save hundreds ! It was easy to set up and I barely noticed the money missing. I usually don’t go out or spend extra money before a trip saving all my little coins !

Plan Early & Within Budget

1. Look for flights / hotels months in advance

The earlier you book , the cheaper it will be . Use Google Flights , Hopper , and Skyscanner to track flights.

2. Look for excursions that include food and drinks

Always read the descriptions on the excursions but also bring a snack along or eat before . Try Viator and Expedia for excursions.

3. Set a realistic budget

A trip roughly costs $500 and more . Start along that budget. No trip should cost you more than $2,500.

Usually I plan my trips months in advance , with just the general idea of where and when I want to go. From there I pretty much stalk Google Flights , Skyscanner , and Hopper looking for a great flight deal. I read reviews on hotels and Airbnb’s before I figure out where to stay. Once the main part is pretty much done , I look for activities within range. Before all of this , I set a realistic budget. Not every trip has to cost an arm and leg , but maybe just a thigh 😂

Hopefully these tips help you save for your next adventure!

If you have any tips for me , leave a comment ! Let’s help each other !

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43 thoughts on “How To Start Traveling : Part One

  1. Great list! I love how actionable they are. I am planning to travel this coming November (fingers crossed that everything is back to normal or close to normal by then) so I need to implement the tips you gave on saving. Starting small is a good advice since we don’t like to overcommit only to fizzle out in the middle. Thank you for this post. 🙂

  2. These are awesome tips! I love the start small when it comes to saving. I just started saving up money to go to Hawaii. I’m going to use these tips to help! Thanks for posting these!

  3. Great tips. I do try to save money from every paycheck and even stayed having a certain amount automatically go from my checking to savings accounts now. I hardly notice it and it’s helping me save for sure

  4. Great tips!! Love the photo of you in the pool!! Planning early in advance is a really good one. Thank you for sharing!

  5. These are some great tips! Careful budgeting and solid planning are great ways to be able to afford travel! I’ve recently tried to cut all of our monthly expenses so we can save a little more for a big trip after Covid! Thanks for the tips!

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  9. All great ideas. My Achilles Heal is going to the grocery store after working out. Everything looks yummy after hitting the gym, then you get home and are like “Holy cow! How much food did I guy!?!” Or the impulse buys while waiting in line. “yeah, I have a 12-pack of Mt. Dew in the shopping cart, but that cold 20 oz in the cooler looks so refreshing…”

  10. Love this! Lots of people worry about making more money but forget that saving is also part of the game!

  11. These tips are great! With some careful planning and money-saving habits, it’s possible to save up enough to travel. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I have saved enough I think. Just waiting for the pandemic to be over so I can travel again, lol! Thanks for the tips.

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