Budgetin & Trippin

“Budgeting isn’t about limiting yourself – it’s about making the things that excite you possible.”

Traveling is a huge expense but very manageable.


The first step is knowing how much you are bringing in. Start by having a well paid job or business. Once you know how much money you bring in a month , you can create a monthly budget .

Start with your large expenses such as rent , car insurance, tuition , phone bill , etc.

Usually these expenses are the same price or estimated price range every month so it is easier to break it down.

See if you can create a payment arrangement or put the bill on a credit card. But be careful & always have enough to pay off your credit card .

For example , my phone bill is about $130 a month so instead of paying it one time , I do a payment plan for every other week.

After you have your large expenses , you can break down the smaller expenses .

Break down each expense in the categories wants & needs. Try and cut out what you don’t need. After these categories, you should have a monthly saving goal .

Save any extra money you have. If you had trouble saving, try my favorite saving app Digit !

Remember the budget rule : 50 % needs , 30% wants, & 20% savings. However , you can adjust the savings to make it larger .

Creating A Monthly Budget

Step 1 : List all monthly income .

Step 2 : List fixed expenses ( rent , phone , insurance)

Step 3 : List variable expenses

Step 4 : Categorize needs , wants , and savings .

Step 5: Adjust budget to your preferences , trim where you can , and save what you can .

Sample Budget

Read my blog post 15 Ways To Save Money !


I make travel a priority , so in my budget I include my trip costs. I average about $2,000 a trip but sometimes I don’t even hit $1,000 . I only spent $896 in Cancún Mexico .

With each trip , I plan a budget of $2,000 . If it’s a Carnival trip , I plan a budget of $4,000.

I normally don’t go over budget. The goal is to always have extra in case of emergencies.

You should always have a budget on your trip.

Here are a few tips that will help you not overspend on the trip :

1. Hotel / Airbnb – Call ahead to find out if you paid in full or if you have any other fees / deposits to pay. Most hotels have a refundable security deposit . Be prepared to pay the deposit and know you’ll be without that money for a few days .

2. Excursions – If you didn’t book ahead , research around for the more affordable options. Check to see if the excursions offer food or drinks . If not , bring snacks and water . The best sites are Expedia , Viator, Airbnb Experience , etc.

3. Food / Drink – If you’re at an all inclusive resort , take advantage of the food and drinks. If you’re at a hotel , check to see if there’s free breakfast . Buy a large lunch and use it for lunch and dinner. See if you can find any lunch or dinner specials . Have some snacks in the room .

4. Cash – Always bring how much cash you plan on spending and this will be your preliminary budget. Please keep in mind how much you’ll bring for tipping as well.

5. ATM – Be aware of ATM fees . Only use if absolutely necessary.

6. Assertiveness – Say no ! Don’t be afraid to say no to the vendors . Some are extremely pushy and want to force a sale. Be polite but say no if you can’t afford it .

7. Souvenir Shopping – Don’t buy drunk like how I did in Mexico . There’s usually sales or discounts in the gift shop .

8. Hair – If you plan on getting your hair wet , I wouldn’t get a fresh hairstyle. If you can do your hair yourself , that’s even better . If you don’t know how to do hair , maybe ask someone to do it for you for an affordable price or try a wig .

9. Nails – If you want to save some money , try press ons and do your own pedicure . Even skip a few months then get your nails done before your trip.

10. Clothes – You don’t need a whole new wardrobe for a trip. I usually check my closet first and then buy one or two new outfits for my trips.

11. Adulting – Be sure to pay all bills before you go . You don’t want to come home to your lights off .

12. Time – Travel in off season , weekdays , and non holidays . It’s less expensive to travel during these times. The great benefits are cheaper rates and less crowds .


Grab your FREE monthly budget worksheet HERE !

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  1. I love your opening quote. I recall another one that resonated with me; it was along the lines of “skimp when you can and splurge where it counts.” It’s more about establishing spending priorities and choosing travelling companions with similar budgets and priorities. You’ve a wealth of ideas in this post Kay. I see so many questions in travel forums such as “How can you afford to travel?” It baffles me because it takes a simple plan and a list of strategies similar to what you’ve presented. Thank you,

  2. These are some great tips! Since lockdown we haven’t really followed our monthly budget as we weren’t going anywhere! But now things are opening up this is a good reminder to do a refresh! The advantage of being stuck in lockdown is that it has given our savings a good boost. We’ll definitely be splurging on a trip as soon as we can travel! Tanks for the great guide!

  3. thanks for the tip on the Digit App, i’m going to DL it now so i can get some good budgeting habits in before my next big trip ✈️

  4. The 50/30/20 budget method is by far my favorite! Especially whn you save for important things like vacation! My family has a vacation sinking fund, so we are always planning our next big trip.

  5. Love your tips about breaking down each expense into a category of wants or needs and the budget rule of 50% needs, 30% wants, and 20% savings. That makes so much sense! And thanks for the suggestion for the saving app Digit! I’ll have to check that out. 🙂

  6. Budgeting is so important and I feel like I am always learning something new. Thanks for sharing!

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