Is it still a staycation if you’re in another state? I need answers . Let me know. It’s been about six months since the lockdown because of COVID-19. I can barely go anywhere but everything is slowly opening.

I’m tired of going to the supermarket and laundromat. I’m also tired of my roommates. I wish I had a full apartment to myself ! ( Speaking in existence )

Although some places started to allow travel , I just didn’t feel comfortable flying as yet and I’m not big on long road trips. So I thought a nice little staycation in my own city would be what I needed and I was right. Well it’s not technically my city , it’s a state over . But I’m still calling it a staycation .

I haven’t gone to Atlantic City in two years and thought it would be a nice getaway . This is my fourth time , so its more of a relaxcation .

How do I get there ?

I usually travel via Greyhound. I like the affordability , comfortable seats , wifi access and free bag option. Tickets start at $20 from NY . I paid about $60. Be sure to book earlier for cheaper rates. The bus ride is approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes with no stops in between. The route is from Port Authority Bus Terminal to Atlantic City Bus Terminal . There are other forms of transportation .

Where do I stay ?

There are plenty of hotels to choose from . I chose Hard Rock Hotel based on price and reviews. I would like to try other hotels next time I go. Choose based on reviews of others . You can also book surrounding hotels in the next city to save money.

The hotel was $205 with taxes and fees .

*Beware they charge a $100 refundable deposit at check – in. Also , they charge resort fees and any room charges at check – out.

What do I do ?

There are restaurants, attractions , nightclubs and other places closed or limited due to coronavirus. However , there was plenty to do .

1. Casinos

I’m not much of a gambler but AC has so many casinos , most even offer free play.

2. The Boardwalk

There are plenty of places to eat and drink right along the boardwalk.

3. Steel Pier

There is a small amusement park , free to walk into and affordable ticket prices for the rides .

4. The Beach

Who doesn’t love the sand and the ocean ? Bring a few swimsuits and lounge on the beach.

5. Shop

The Tanger Outlets are nearby and there are tons of other stores to shop in.

How much do I spend ?

You can spend as little or as much as you want and try and win it back at the casino . I’m a budget traveler so I knew I only wanted to spend about $500. With all the taxes , fees , and tipping I definitely spent within my budget . Since it is a smaller trip , I think $300-$1000 is a good limit to start with .

How long do I stay?

I think two or three days is enough to see all of AC. I only stayed two days.

My Experience

Day One

I like to get the bus terminal or airport extra early just in case anything happens . So I arrived around 9 AM . One thing I forgot was to buy snacks but the bus terminal has places to eat and vending machines. My scheduled bus departed on time , I found a seat in the middle , and put on my headphones for the ride. The bus was pretty full but everyone wore masks.

It was a smooth ride , no hiccups . We arrived at AC Bus Terminal around 2:30. I decided to walk to my hotel and save the $12 Uber ride. I walked to a mini mart which is only a block away. I bought liquor and orange juice. There are other stores like Family Dollar.

Continuing my walk , I stopped into a Jamaican restaurant, Yardy , and ordered some food. After these two stops , I went straight to my hotel. It’s mostly a straight walk about 20 minutes.

Finally arriving at the hotel , the check in line was long but moved pretty fast. There were about 10 plus employees checking in. Receiving two room keys and directions, I found my room . The room was big and looked very clean. I forgot to take pictures but I have a video.

Settling into my room , I showered and prepared to head out . I knew I didn’t want to leave the hotel so I roamed around until I found Balcony Bar. There was a few tables open but I decided to walk around with my drink. I explored the hotel a bit and then went back to my room. Most attractions were closed so there was just the bars , restaurants, and casino. I would’ve loved to do a night show or comedy show.

Day Two

I woke up early around 8 AM , I wanted to do a quick photoshoot in the hotel so I showered and dressed and took some amazing shots.

I ordered from the in-dining menu for brunch .

I showered again and headed out to the boardwalk around 2 PM.

I went to Steel Pier , which was right outside my hotel . I just walked around to see the rides. I didn’t want my wig flying off but next time I will try a few rides.

I went to Margaritaville , ordered a drink , and walked around some more. I went back to the hotel to change my shoes then went to Wet Willies for another drink. I don’t know what was in the drink but I dozed off when I went back to my room . I wanted to try the casino but never made it back .

Note : I didn’t allow house keeping inside my room , I placed the towels and garbage at the door . Luckily , I was in the room when the house keeper came around.

Safety Precautions

– About 95% of people wore masks , more than I see in NY.

– The front desks all were equipped with plexiglass.

– Social distancing markers were noticeable everywhere .

– If someone did not have a mask on , staff instructed people to do so.

– You can use the do not disturb sign for housekeeping .

– Hand sanitizer stations were placed all around.

– Temperature was taken at certain places.

– Wear closed toe shoes for the boardwalk, there were some loose boards.

Have you ever been to Atlantic City ?

Leave a comment below and tell me your experience.

Check out all of the videos and pictures on my Instagram – @kayysmooveereviews!

Please note this is my honest opinion based on my own travels . Everyone has their own experience.

23 thoughts on “ATLANTIC CITY : MINI VEGAS

  1. Believe it or not I’m a Jersey girl and still never been to AC. I enjoyed reading your review and will have to keep this hotel in mind when I finally make the move to venture down south Jersey.

  2. You’re so brave to travel! I’m not so brave! Sounds like a good time thought! I’ve never been to Atlantic city, but it’ll be added to my list for the future!

  3. This is such a great idea for a quarantine road trip! I am moving to the NYC area later this year so I’ll bookmark this post for when I get there–never been to Atlantic City! Thanks for all the helpful tips.

  4. Well, I love how you describe the itinerary, I will take it into account, with my husband we usually look for routes on the web and blog to travel, for example in Brazil we are guided by a blog when we were in Sao Paulo or to tour in New York, thanks for your post

  5. Love a staycation! Too often we think about going to the furthest away place possible with our budget when there’s just a good options nearer home

  6. I spent one day in Atlantic City a few years ago, and it was interesting. Definitely a mini-Vegas. My favorite part was visiting the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum on the Boardwalk.

  7. I’ve really missed travelling, this is definitely the article to read at this time as it gives awesome tips, though I’ve never been to Atlantic City before, but would love to someday.

  8. Great tips for the city. I would have worn open toed shoes, for sure. Sounds like the perfect staycation to me. And, happy to hear all of the safety precautions for COVID. Many places aren’t like that.

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