About KayySmoovee

How do I even start this ? 😳 I don’t want to do the generic “ Hello , my name is Keena & I’m from Brooklyn.” Although that is my name & where I’m from. Shit ! I did the generic thing🤦🏾‍♀️

I wanted to start it out by telling you I’m a twenty-something year old young woman in between finding out what I really want to do in life , following my dream of traveling , and just taking life one day at a time. So cliché but I promise my life is not a cliché at all.

Why a blog ? With a few trips under my belt , I had this idea about a year ago or so. I saw all these pictures on Instagram and stories from fellow travelers. But everything just looked a little too perfect. Where were the trip failures and pictures that didn’t make it ? How were people able to afford so many trips? I just wanted to have my experience and opinion and not sugarcoat it. I want to tell the good , bad , and highly unattractive while encouraging and inspiring people to travel the world.

I don’t care how many blogs you read about someone taking a trip to Miami or Jamaica , I’m still going to tell you my experience. MY OPINIONS , MY VOICE , MY WORDS! I don’t sugar coat and I don’t want to be paid to sugarcoat! So read , laugh , comment , subscribe and enjoy!