15 Ways To Save For Traveling

Are you tired of saying you’re too broke to travel ?

Well it’s time to stop saying that ! I have 15 ways on how to save for traveling or for anything you need in life .

I touched base on how to save HERE !

I make travel a priority , so in my budget I include my trip costs. I average about $2,000 a trip but sometimes I don’t even hit $1,000 . I only spent $896 in Cancún Mexico .

So it’s definitely possible .

Before you start using the savings tips , create a budget ! List all of your expenses and see where you can cut some things out.

15 Saving Tips

1. Cancel or pause subscriptions .

2. Cook more at home .

3. Limit shopping .

4. Set aside fun money.

5. Delete shopping apps .

6. Shop smarter and better .

7. Determine what’s a want and what’s a need .

8. Receive cash back when you shop .

9. Get a piggy bank .

10. Participate in savings challenges.

11. Get a part-time job .

12. Have some no spend days .

13. Hide money from yourself .

14. Try to go out less .

15. Automate savings.

1. Cancel / Pause Subscriptions

Honestly take a moment and look at all the subscriptions you’re paying for . Do you really need all of them ? I recently canceled my HBO Max after watching all I wanted to watch . I also pause my Hulu subscription when I’m done watching my shows . I also look for free trials or deals .

2. Cook More

The pandemic definitely forced everyone to become amateur chefs . I try to cook at least 2-3 times a week and cook enough for at least 2 days . I used to get a breakfast sandwich and coffee almost every morning before work , sometimes costing more than $50 a week.

3. Limit Shopping

How many times do you go shopping ? If it’s more than 3-4 times a month , try to limit it down to 1-2 .

Go through your emails and unsubscribe from shopping sites.

4. Fun Money

Just because you’re saving doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun. You can have a “Fun Fund”. Be sure to budget a movie night or a ice cream date . It’s okay to indulge a little , just make sure it’s something small.

5. Delete Shopping Apps

Look over your phone and delete all those shopping apps. Also unsubscribe from the shopping text messages. It’s an “out of sight , out of mind “ trick.

6. Shop Smarter

When going shopping , create a list. Don’t put that list away and just pick out anything. Stick to your list. After you get everything on your list, decide if you can splurge on one or two more items.

7. Want / Need

Deciding whether something is a want or a need depends on your lifestyle . I used to think I needed my nails done every month , then I realized it’s a want . Now I only do my nails for special occasions saving hundreds . You can also create a want/need list to help you organize .

8. Cashback

I used to love Ebates , now called Rakuten . When I shopped at certain stores , I would get cashback . I think my highest amount was about $200. You can try Rakuten or TopCashback.

9. Piggy Bank

A little old fashioned but it works . Put all loose change or dollar bills in the piggy bank. Don’t you dare try to break it open. At the end of the year , you can open and see how much you saved .

10. Savings Challenges

One thing I see a lot are saving challenges . I like the $5 challenge the most and I have saved over $200. You can also grab a friend and make it a little competition.

11. Part Time Job

A part – time job is flexible and a great way to earn extra cash. Try Indeed for possible options .

12. No Spend Days

No spend days are days where you don’t spend a penny. I know there’s no spend months but I think no spend days are so much easier . You only spend on the necessary .

13. Hide Money

I hide money in my room all the time . I’ll clean and find it months later . It’s a great game of hide and not seek for adults.

14. Limit Going Out

Being in my 20s this one is pretty hard but I do limit myself as much as I can. I might choose a few days to go out but not every weekend .

15. Automate Savings

Every time you are paid , save the percentage that you want automatically. You can set this up through your job or do it manually on payday.

If you have any more saving tips , please comment below.

Get creative with saving , it can be really fun ! Look below for an example !

Bonus : Don’t Forget

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36 thoughts on “15 Ways To Save For Traveling

  1. Awesome Ideas! I have been following a lot of these tips already because travel is where I like to spend the most.

  2. Traveling is well worth the money spent, I’ve always believed. Great list for getting that point across — enjoy your travels!

  3. Always love great money saving tips! And totally agree that making it a priority is important if you want to travel more!! No more excuses!

  4. These are such good tips. I often forget about subscriptions. I am going to go do a subscription “audit” now to see what I can remove!

  5. It’s a great list. I like the no-spend days, and differentiating between wants and needs. What would work for me is a travel jar (piggy bank) that’s easy to slip in money and see it grow. No spend day? Add what I would have spent to the jar. Pack a lunch from home? Add money to the jar. Also, I occasionally go through my “stuff,” set it aside, write up a description and post it to sell online. Add $ to the jar.

    Another way to save on travel is to collect miles and points through credit card spend and redeeming then against travel expenses.

  6. I love the saving challenges!! I actually have a savings account that automatically takes money from my paycheck every 2 weeks! It helps me save better.

  7. There are lots of great tips here! I’m actually usually very good at saving my money, and tend not to purchase a lot of things so I have more money for travelling!

  8. Those are all great tips to save money for traveling. We are always looking for more ideas to cut costs! Thanks for sharing!

  9. By being in lockdown most of the time last year I believe I’ve saved quite a bit, Iol. I hope we’d be able to travel again soon.

  10. Do you really keep a picture of Terry Crews in your wallet to keep you from spending? That’s BRILLIANT hahaha! These are great tips! And not getting a coffee and/or breakfast sandwich on my way to work everyday definitely helped my budget!!!

    1. So many great tips here! I especially love the saving challenges…I’ve never thought of doing that! Going through and cancelling subscriptions was a great one for me in the past!

  11. Some really useful tips in this article. I definitely think differentiating between what you want and need is a good one as it’s easy for money to trickle away on things that you think you want.

  12. Great article! I took a deep dive into my subscriptions and made a lot of changes. I also expanded this into my bills and challenged all of my providers. I was able to cut insurance and internet bills in half. Thanks for sharing!

  13. These are some great travel saving tips. Travel during Covid-19 is best time. You get great deals on ✈️ flights and 🏨 hotels. Recently came back from 🇦🇼 Aruba vacation as you will see on my blog site.

  14. I love the idea of having no spend days. I’ve heard of these before, but have never tried it. I think it’s an excellent idea to save for travel.

  15. There are so many great tips for saving money to travel on here! One of my favorites is the tip to automate your savings. Some banks will do this for you, too. For instance it could be that every month on the 5th the bank moves $100 to your savings. This makes such a difference! My husband and I started doing this a few years ago and it has made all the difference in our savings (which will definitely in part going to future travels!)

  16. Deleting shopping apps is a great tip!! I’ve been trying to implement some of the other tips already but shopping apps are dangerous! It’s easy to spend money on them without even realizing! I’m definitely going to so this! Thanks for the great tips!

  17. Tip #13: Hide Money is my favorite! I used to it all the time when I was babysitting in high school. I have a terrible memory, so this tip works well for me! 🙂 Finding money in random places years later is always fun!

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