10 Reasons Why I Don’t Like Group Trips

Before I start , please know I’ve gone on several group trips over the years but I just prefer going solo .

Before I begin with the cons , let me list some good things about group trips.

After careful consideration, I regret to inform you , I can’t find no pros 😂

Just kidding , the two biggest pros I can come up with is cost & company .

1. Cost – With more people , there will be less cost towards accommodations , activities, food , drinks , etc.

2. Company – Some people need to have company and that’s okay . However , don’t knock solo traveling until you try it .

You can find some of my solo travel tips HERE !

I don’t know about you , but if I booked my flight I’m going !

It only sucks when I’m stuck with a hotel or Airbnb bill .

So let’s get into 10 reasons why I don’t like group trips .

1. The pre-planning is all over the place .

2. Everyone has different budgets.

3. I can’t stand the complainers !

4. People don’t want to try new things .

5. People don’t know how to be on time.

6. Some people don’t have no itinerary at all.

7. There are different personalities clashing.

8. I need my own room , bathroom too if I can .

9. I need some space .

10. People don’t have R-E-S-P-E-C-T !

1. The pre-planning is all over the place .

I don’t know about you but I’ve been in plenty of group chats where it would start off with 10 or more people then dwindle down to two. Some reasons are legit and can be excused , however if you’re a chronic flopper , you will get left . I have been “ghosted” and left with finding another accommodation before.

2. Everyone has different budgets.

Everyone has different lifestyles and splurging money . Some things I splurge on and some I don’t . I don’t want to be peer pressured in spending on something I don’t even want to do. I got into a big disagreement over this before . In my case , I didn’t see the cost worth the time we was allowed.

3. I can’t stand the complainers !

I can’t stand when it is a small issue that’s already resolved and they are still complaining . I don’t know why people think everything on a trip goes smoothly because it doesn’t . I have been on trips where the hot water stopped or the lights went out. But I didn’t complain , I worked through the issue and still had fun.

4. People don’t want to try new things .

I’m sorry but we did not travel all the way to wherever to do the same things we did at home . I want to try new activities. Eat new foods . Learn about the culture. I want the full experience.

5. People don’t know how to be on time.

In some cultures , you have to be on time or it’s a sign of disrespect. I’m always ready to go and people just be dragging their feet. Some times you have to trick them just so they can be on time. You don’t want to miss out on any paid activities just because someone wants to be late.

6. Some people don’t have no itinerary at all.

I need some type of structure in my trip. At least have two or three activities planned.

7. There are different personalities.

Some people like to wake up early and some sleep late . Some like to stay around the resort and some like to go explore . Some like to drink a lot and some don’t. I think it’s best to try and compromise if you can .

8. I need my own room , bathroom too if I can .

I’m sorry but if it’s not my friend or someone I know , I’m not sharing a bed . I will calmly look for another place to stay . I don’t really need my own bathroom but just keep the bathroom clean and fresh and I won’t have any issues .

9. I need some space .

I know it’s a group trip , but if there’s an activity I want to do or already paid for , I’m going . I like to venture out alone for some peace . Group trips doesn’t mean you have to be with the group all the time .

10. People don’t have R-E-S-P-E-C-T !

Respect goes a long way . Be respectful to your other travel friends . If they’re sleeping , don’t blast loud music . Don’t bring any strange people around .

Be respectful to the people ! This is their country . If something looks weird to you , it’s probably normal to them .

There are probably many more reasons on the cons of group trips , but these are definitely my top reasons .

I think that as we grow older , we realize everyone is at different times of their lives . One friend might be pregnant, one might be just married , one might have financial issues , and you’re completely free to do what you want . Are you going to wait until all of your friends can travel or are you just going to go ?

If I want company or I’m asked to go on a trip , I will consider who’s going and where we are going . I’m the type to go on a group trip and only spend one day with the group . I’m just on another travel level than others and I prefer to go solo .

In the future , I would love to go a group trip with a concierge service , where it is already planned and all I’m doing is paying my part. This way I’m not stressing over activities or chasing after people for money . I already have a few I’m interested in so maybe next year , I’ll give it a try.

What are your thoughts on group trips ?

41 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why I Don’t Like Group Trips

  1. So true about everything you’ve said! I really try to vet my travel partners if I go in a group, because I need to be able to see, do and eat everything possible when I’m exploring a new country or location.

  2. I nodded in agreement in my head while reading this but also it made me laugh. Only because I can feel your frustration, and it’s the exact feeling I have towards group travel. I am an inherently anxious person, and nothing triggers it more than big groups, even of my closest friends. It’s too many individual wants and needs trying to sync up, and frankly it stresses me out. I will always prefer solo travel, or small group travel. Like 3 or 4 people max.

  3. I definitely prefer trips with less people just because I can be a little bit type A and like to be able to pick what I want to do. You make a lot of really good points! It is so much harder to travel when you throw more people into the mix !

  4. Group trips are not for me! I don’t do it. At the most I go with one other person. Mainly for alot of the reasons you outline including people having different ideas of what they want to do and having different budgets. One of my friends organized a group trip and my advice to her was to not have one itinerary that everyone follows – plan something for yourself and have whoever who wants to meet you along the way to do things together but also give them flexibility to do their own thing and go off on their own.

  5. You’ve definitely got to find the right group. I’ve done some great group trips and then others have definitely been annoying.

  6. What an interesting post! I think shared expectations really help in group. The most valuable expectation is that everyone is free to participate (or not) in any activity and no one else should take anybody else’s choices personally. Trying to all stick together everyday is just asking for trouble for the reasons you shared!

  7. I LOVE THIS. I don’t like big groups of people either. It is so funny because I literally had a nightmare about exactly this last night. I was trying to find a hotel for everyone and we couldn’t agree on the price LOL…. I also need my me time.

    1. Oh wow sounds like a nightmare . Choosing accommodations that suit everyone needs is so overwhelming. If we can’t agree , I just want to book a room for myself and have others fend for themselves . We don’t have to stay together but we can meet up for the activities.

  8. I am not a fan of group trips either – I want to do what I want whenever I want to do it when I’m traveling. I’m not spending my time and money on a trip to do what someone else wants lol.

  9. For me solo is the best! I love to do what I want to do, when I want to do it and not be tied to any other agenda. Often I tolerate one other person. Anything more is too much! And I agree with most all of your reasons.

  10. I think it definitely depends on the group. If there’s one person in charge of the planning, say a trip guide, a professor, or yourself, and everyone else is just a long for the ride, it helps a lot. I’ve had better luck with pre-packaged group trips than I have with group trips planned with friends. I love traveling solo, but as an introvert, I do find it more fulfilling in some ways to travel with people who are more extroverted and better at getting to know locals. So definitely pros and cons.

  11. I like groups of 2-4. But I also plan the itinerary and people know that I don’t do late because the itinerary is packed full of things. So if they can’t be on time or like sleep they shouldn’t go. LOL

  12. Solo travel definitely has its advantages. I have several travelling companions I enjoy travelling with and in many cases we split up for different activities. Yep, one of these days I’ll book a guided tour where everything is planned. Trip planning and coordinating the arrangements is hard work!!

  13. OMG NUMBER 8 & 9 FOR ME. I don’t mean to sound like such a brat I can literally do the grittiest things when I’m travelling but alot of what fuels my bold, adventurous spirit is the thought of MY OWN ROOM AND BATHROOM to get back to at the end of the day 😂🤣 Glad I’m not the only one on this!

    1. I’ll compromise sometimes but I definitely need my own room. Of course , too much time around someone can cause problems so a little space would be worth it . Thanks for reading .

    1. Yes solo traveling is really a winner . It’s also good to have at least one person but too many people can either ruin the vacation or make it really interesting. Thanks for reading.

  14. I totally have a small list of people I can travel with. You really have to be in sync with travel buddies or it just doesn’t work!!

    1. Being in sync is definitely important. You have to have some understanding about the people you’re traveling with although peoples true colors come out on vacations. Thanks for reading .

  15. These are such valid reasons! I’m such a loner at heart! I do like to do group tours on my trip, but not a whole group trip. I get frustrated when people don’t move at my pace – I’m a fast tourist who likes to see as much as possible! I’m glad I’m not alone in my group trip frustrations!

  16. Valid points. I have yet to take a group trip, but it sounds like you and I are very similar. I think I would be absolutely miserable dealing with all that lol. Thanks for the warning!

  17. I have a love hate relationship with traveling. I don’t like to be pulled in so many directions, or the indecisiveness that comes with group traveling. However, on the other end I do not like to travel alone either. For me that sweet spot is with someone who I won’t kill along the way that I know has similar plans to mine! Best of both worlds! Great post!

    1. I love having that “travel bestie”. When you find one, it’s great. However life happens and sometimes the “travel bestie” is not always ready to travel when you are. Thanks for reading .

  18. I prefer solo travel as well, for the most part! There are some places where I’ve done tours because I didn’t want to drive in a certain place or thought the logistics would be easier, but all things being equal, traveling along is great.

  19. I totally agree with you. Even though it is cheaper, a group travel can be a total disaster and a waste of time. I only chose to go group travel to places that are not so accessible or the cultural gap is so wide, that it is better to stick together. Thanks fro sharing!

  20. Thank you for this great post. I completely agree with you on many Pros and Cons. We’ve had many group trips derailed in the planning process because people’s budgets were just so different that we couldn’t find a place that everyone agreed on. When it does work out it is great though!

  21. This is an interesting post because I love traveling but Iam scared of travelling solo especially if I am traveling to another country. I am trying to get out of my shell this year because I desperately want to get out of the house.

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